I specialize in adult support, to parenthood, to the couple, to the family, to accompaniment towards the promotion of individual and relational well-being in family-social-work-emotional contexts, facilitating growth and independence, process analysis, the reading and positive reworking of emergency situations of difficulty deriving from emotional crises, relational, parenting.

La specializzazione nei fenomeni di bullismo e violenza di genere, nelle loro svariate forme, permette di affrontare con professionalità queste manifestazioni di disagio che caratterizzano le età della vita.

Pedagogical consultancy

Unlike the psychological one, is focused on the educational future of the adult person, about its potential, mirata a promuovere un progetto attento all’individualità e all’originalità della persona avvalendosi di un approccio olistico tra le scienze psicologiche, giuridiche e sociali.

It is an expression of that right to adult education which underlines the responsible and subjective ability to make choices necessary for the realization of one's personality.

Mi avvalgo di strumenti psicopedagogici non clinici, con orientamento agli ambiti educativi e relazionali inter e intra personali, per osservare e stimolare unaazione di curae sviluppo delle proprie capacità e risorse.

Un concetto dicuradel sé, dell’altro, dei propri affetti, dei propri figli e genitori, che si dipana sul piano pedagogico e etico, intrecciato in modo interdisciplinare con le scienze umanistiche che riprendono quel significato originale di epimeleia heautou, con interventi che valorizzano l’idea di costruzione della propria soggettività e quindi della capacità diprendersi cura”.

The mindfulness facilitator

We operate in a family and/or individual setting, formulating and personalizing mindfulness paths through a personalized practice plan, strengthened thanks to integration with Pedagogical Sciences, Psychological, Social and Criminological.

Mindfulness means "to be aware", in the present moment and without judgment, of what happens in our mind, in our body and around us. It means regaining control of your life and knowing how to direct it in the right direction.

The Criminologist

The activities covered by the profession of criminologist are based on specific techniques and methodologies of a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature aimed at studying the perpetrators of crime, of the victims, of the methods of carrying out the crime, types of criminal conduct (and the resulting social reaction), possible forms of prevention and control, the re-education of deviant or criminal subjects and their social reintegration. In the aforementioned areas, the criminologist carries out consultancy activities, design, analysis and research in the investigative fields, judicial, extrajudicial and penitentiary.

La specializzazione nei fenomeni di bullismo e violenza di genere, nelle loro svariate forme, permette di affrontare con professionalità queste manifestazioni di disagio che caratterizzano le età della vita.

The Positive Psychology coach.

Collaborates actively with customers, using strengths- and asset-based approaches to promote positive change in people's lives.

It is not a form of therapy but a future-oriented approach that focuses on strengthening personal resources and building a meaningful life.

The role is to guide and support adults on their journey towards wellbeing and achieving a fulfilling life, focusing on the development of personal resources, the promotion of positive emotions, the cultivation of personal strengths and the creation of meaning in life.

Service price: The economic estimate must be considered weighted on the type of service and therefore susceptible to changes according to the complexity of the interventions and on the modalities in presence or remotely, with a scissor between the 40 e 80 euro per meeting including VAT and National Insurance Fund (INPS), with billing upon payment. I am insured with a valid professional liability insurance policy signed with “Ass. generals” n. 430739282″

In my office there is no gender discrimination, ethnicity, culture, identity and the right to transcendence is guaranteed.

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