Pedagogist, criminologist and mindfulness facilitator

Dr. Vincenzo Longo Pedagogist and Criminologist

Pedagogical Consulting activity certified by the trade associations registered with the Ministry of Economic Development pursuant to Laws no. 205/2017 e n. 4/2013 aimed at adults with the use of the most current planning and holistic tools of the Sciences of Education and Training, without diagnostic purposes or direct treatment of pathological forms, with a multidisciplinary and multidimensional holistic approach, oriented towards the values ​​of existential well-being. Today's pedagogy offers methods and tools of science, that Vincenzo Longo offers to promote problem solving, contributing to the love for humanity and its cultural generation, integrating them with the use of mindfulness and criminological sciences, with particular reference to social contexts and the phenomena of intra-family gender violence and bullying.

“No gender discrimination, ethnicity, culture, identity.”

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