Continuous training, esperienza, etica ed elevata professionalità.

I'm Vincenzo Longo, Pedagogist, Dottore Magistrale in Psicologia clinica e dinamica, Positive psychology coach, scholar and practitioner of non-clinical hypnosis, Criminologist and mindfulness facilitator, expert in studies and research for adults, parents, teachers, LGBTQIA+.

I attended the University of Padua, Rome and Urbino, graduating in Pedagogy, Clinical and Dynamic Psychology, Scienze Politiche-relazioni internazionali e Scienze della Formazione e dell’educazione, also with full marks and declarations of praise.

I attended the Higher Education Course in “Security Sciences” at the La Sapienza University of Rome and the Higher Education Course in “The trans-Mediterranean space and the Islamic world” at the University of Roma Tre.

I also attended several professional training courses on gambling disorder, on bullying and gender violence, on non-clinical hypnosis, sulla mindfulness, on Bach flowers, on feminicide prevention strategies, sulla mindfulness.

I worked for the Ministry of the Interior in the management and training of human resources, in crime analysis and prevention, with particular reference to the protection of victims of domestic violence, stalking and bullying.

In my office there is no gender discrimination, ethnicity, culture, identity and the right to transcendence is guaranteed.

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